We aspire to innovate and disrupt the industry through the formation of SteerQuest (SQ) and SQ Digital Vision Group (DVG).

Our expertise spans across industry and business development, merger and acquisition, business strategy, regional expansion, and process engineering across various verticals such as information technology, venture capital, conglomerates, manufacturing, construction and the services sectors.


Executive Chairman, SteerQuest
Chairman, Digital Vision Group
Chairman, Brandt Group
Chief Executive Officer, Cognitive Digital
President, ESG Association Malaysia
President, ESG Board for Malaysia Chapter

Cheah believes success is derived from passion (loving what you do) and perseverance (I will not give up). It means staying focus on a long-term goal, pushing beyond our limits, and rising up in the face of challenges to ultimately achieve our goals.

Cheah is the Executive Chairman of SteerQuest Sdn Bhd, the Chairman of SQ Digital Vision Group Sdn Bhd and Brandt Group and the Chief Executive Officer of Cognitive Digital Sdn Bhd.

Instrumental in driving the growth of the Malaysian ICT industry, Cheah is the Immediate Past Chairman & Chairman Emeritus of Outsourcing Malaysia and Honorary Chairman to PIKOM (the National Tech Association of Malaysia). He is also a renowned speaker and thought leader at local and regional events. He has been interviewed by most media including on Astro, BFM, Bernama TV, The Star, The Sun, and many more.

Cheah has over 30 years of experience across various areas such as business development, merger and acquisition, business strategy, regional expansion, and process engineering across various verticals such as information technology, venture capital, conglomerates, high tech manufacturing, and the services industry.

He held several top executive and directorship positions in both client and partner organisations in an illustrious career that are synonymous with believing in synergistic partnership to drive business transformation.

In addition, Cheah has the unique insight in venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) space. He was involved in several large-scale investments and has guided companies through hypergrowth stage.

Cheah serves on both the Sunway University and SoftwareONE Industrial Advisory Board and is an Adjunct Practice Professor at the Sunway University Business School. He is also an Advisor for the Aerospace Engineering Edutech company.

Cheah received Chief Information Officer (CIO) Excellence Award from PIKOM in 2010 and was inducted into the 2016 PLC Hall of Fame for leadership and stewardship in promoting the Project Leadership Certificate (PLC) programme as part of the National ICT Certification & Standardization Grid (NICS Competence Grid).


Chief Executive Officer, SteerQuest
Group Chief Executive Officer, Digital Vision Group
Senior Advisor, Brandt Group
Board Council Member, ESG Association Malaysia

Muzahid’s outlook in life is to find meaning and values in what we do. An understanding of how we are adding values every step of the way, makes life a meaningful journey and experience.

Muzahid is the Chief Executive Officer of SteerQuest Sdn Bhd, the Group Chief Executive Officer of SQ Digital Vision Group Sdn Bhd and the Senior Advisor of Brandt Group.

He is passionate about creating values through synergistic win-win relationship; between tech and business, between service provider and solution creator, between customer and partner. This is grounded in his experience being in both customer and partner’s organisations, in which co-creation and collaboration are essential to ensure better business outcome.

He has first-hand experience in leading and scaling tech businesses across ASEAN encompassing myriad of digitalisation initiatives delivered for customers across industries such as manufacturing, construction, property, healthcare, REIT and conglomerates.

Muzahid is used to engaging closely with leadership team in conceptualizing enterprise-wide corporate strategy and governance, organisation transformation, go-to-market enablement, building strategic alliances and creating strategic competitive advantage for the business.

In addition, Muzahid has been a speaker and panellist in various platforms on themes related to leadership, digital transformation and IR4.0 organised by PIKOM, Microsoft, INTI University etc. He was also part of ICT Industry Focus Group for past Malaysia’s National Development Masterplan. Recently, he participated as one of the Panellist in Astro Awani’s Live Show about Rancangan Malaysia ke-12 (The 12 th Malaysia National Development Masterplan) and being featured in New Straits Times Business section in September 2021.

A telecommunication engineer by background, he is also certified in Enterprise Architecture and Project Management and trained in various areas such as IT Governance, Finance etc.